Yesterday I got an email from my brother with things that I needed to get for lawyer. Dads death certificate and property survey if I had one. I knew I had saved a digital copy but had to hunt a little for it! I had seen a survey at one time but didn’t come across one. Found out later it’s ok. I have the deed to the house and in amongst the papers was their mortgage and receipt for the sale of the house. It was official on June 19, 1974 two days before we were born…we were born a month early. I’m going to frame the cheque and put it in my bookcase. The house cost 20,000 and my parents had it paid off in five years even with three kids! That wouldn’t happen nowadays. A mortgage equals debt so the sooner you can pay it off the better.

A little over a week ago I had a dream about my Dad with regards to the house. I know that subconsciously I am working through all the emotions involved in selling the house. My Dad was so proud of his home, this was his castle. Before he died he had work done because he wanted Mom to be taken care of.

I was talking to a friend of Moms yesterday who mentioned that my birthday is coming up (her sons is three weeks today). Yippee. I think I’ll just have a few friends in for cake and ice cream.


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