I grew up with a father who was a Type A personality, everything had to be in its place. My mother was organized in some things and not so much on others. My twin was a slob but she went out of the house looking neat. I take after my Dad although I wish I was more organized with paperwork. I have all the estate stuff in a briefcase so I know where it is.
Yesterday I was able to empty three boxes and put books on the shelves which means I can see the floor again in the office. I still have to get printer hooked up to computer!
My kitchen I’ve laid out very much like home although I no longer have a pantry/cold room in the basement so I use a cupboard to store my tins and dry food. Of course I have a cupboard just for my coffee, mugs, sweetner and napkins (which my friend found in the back of a cupboard). When I first moved in I forgot where I put stuff. I think that’s why I kind of laid it out like at my house so I’m going in the same pattern.
I have all the emails with regards to the estate in a folder labelled Mom. The ones for the House are obviously titled House. I have the Hyrdo and gas bill left on counter because I will need the account number to cancel.
I have tried to keep my surroundings orderly the past 8 months because my life has been in turmoil. In January I did Peter Walsh 31 day Declutter challenge. It was so helpful. A couple weeks ago when my friends helped me clean out junk at home they had one box for keep, a bag for garbage and a bag for goodwill. We accomplished a lot in a couple hours. I learned in this process that I had to be brutal in deciding what was kept and what was given away.
i don’t think life is ever “orderly” but friends will come along for the ride.

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