A blank page

I love going to a bookstore. Even if I’m not buying anything it’s fun just to wander. Although I have to admit I rarely go out of a bookstore empty handed! Because I don’t drive I tend to order items online.
There is something exciting about cracking open a new journal. When I was putting my books on the shelves I now have a place to put my journals. I had forgotten about a journal that my friend bought me for my birthday. It’s purple with black flowers. I have different journals for different purposes. This journal was to write my hopes and dreams. It was what I called my joy journal. Sadly I put it in a drawer and it has very few entries. I remember talking to a friend who told me that I didn’t have to write some momentous thing it could just be the joy of a coffee or a card in the mail. When I put it on the shelf I realized I need to get it out more.
When I went to writing class the teacher told us to journal everyday. Most people don’t do it. After my sister died and when my Dad had cancer it was my only outlet. I could write what I couldn’t say out loud.
Blog entries start out as a blank screen. I’m amazed that I have now written over 500 posts.


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