Yesterday I went back to the house and got a junk removal company to take everything in the basement. Basement is now empty. Such a relief.

When I was upstairs I brought down a bag to take back to my apartment. In it I found this picture. It makes me sad and happy. My friend drew it for my 40 birthday. Pictures from the balloon festival were the last photos that I had with Janet along with going to Ribfest. I love how she is talking to me. I miss talking to her.

This morning after meeting with buyer to sign papers I decided to take my quilt to a framing store on the corner of my street. I think because I’m decorating my place I decided it’s time to find a place for it! It’s interesting it’s a part of me, Janet and Mom because Mom made it possible for me to live where I do. Because I don’t drive she’s going to have to deliver it to me.

A twin friend wrote as her status on Facebook that it’s six weeks until conference. It kind of freaked me out because I have so much to do before that. I do have a list. Need to arrange transportation and get some American money.
It will all get done in time.


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