Numbers photo challenge

This is my t-shirt from a family reunion in 1986. It was a held in a banquet hall in Toronto area. My Dads sister-in-law had them made. I remember at the time thinking that she thought she was being cute but the only time it’s appropriate to use “A” and “B” was when we were born. My number should have read 2. The easiest way to read it is going backwards. 2 stands for my birth order, Dad is the sixth child, his Dad was five and so on. In my closet I have my Dads shirt, my Moms, my sisters and mine. Spouses don’t get a number they are just group of seven. Since I was 10 my shirt doesn’t fit but there was something kind of cool about the fact that my Dads did because I’m his kid.
As I mentioned when I moved the number 3 comes up a lot in our family. I am one of three kids, my Dad was born in 33, Mom was born in the third month, we were born in the sixth, and they both died on a third. It gives me comfort living on the third floor, like they guided me here.
Numbers are all around us. Some have good associations and some dont.


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