It turned out ok

Yesterday I was attempting to get my printer hooked up to computer but realized I was missing a cord that goes from the printer to the outlet. Looked in the drawers hoping I had put it in there, no such luck. Panic sets in and then I thought phone Staples they’ll be able to help. The guy knew exactly what I wanted so this morning off I went to pick up another one. They have what they call universal cords. Had no idea until I got it home whether it worked but it did. Success! I had to print off cancellation form for house insurance.

Technology is a wonderful thing but it can be frustrating at times! i purchased an end table that I am using as a printer stand. It even has a drawer I can use for paper. And the bottom I can use to put scanner.

I’m slowly feeling like things are coming together. My bank is across the street from office supply store so I got some American money. Dinners I put on credit card but I have to take cab from station so I need cash. Mom and I always saved the money we had leftover from trips to the states.
There is a sense of satisfaction to being able to check things off my list. I CAN DO THIS!

One thought on “It turned out ok

  1. I enjoy reading your entries. You’re not in NS are you? That’s where my family is from. ~ Have a great day.

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