PURE photo challenge

What could be purer then a Fathers love for his children. It is so evident in this picture. At first glance it’s a picture of us but my eye was drawn to Dads smile in the picture. My Dad was a very serious person so there are very few pictures with a smile that is so natural.
Cleaning out my family home I found lots of photo albums from when we were children. Our first birthday. It’s such a sweet picture because Janet and I are in our high chairs with two identical presents on the tray and the photographer (who I think was Dad) captured me trying to look in Janets present. And everyone that knows me automatically knows who is who in that picture! It was evident very early on that I was the imp! There is a picture of us with Dad the easter after we were born and I have my arm around Janet. That is pure love!
One of my favourite photos of when we were young was all three of us in our pjs reading in Janets bed. She had a double bed. I have bed head but it didn’t matter. It’s so pure and innocent.
Sometimes I can look at the photos and I can smile but today tears are running down my cheeks because I miss them. I really was blessed.


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