On facebook it shows your statuses from previous years. Six years ago I got rid of all the furniture in my bedroom and had a blank slate. I painted the walls, got new carpet and new bedroom furniture. My old furniture was hand me down and it was white although it was greyish from age. Stuff was spilled on it. It was definitely time for what I referred to as “grown up” furniture. The only problem was that the room only fit a single bed. When looking for furniture I had to tell the guy I need a twin bed but not in the kid furniture.
I remember when the guy came to measure for carpet he said so many people are afraid of colour but I like this. My friend made fun of the colour he called it school bus yellow. My sister in law wouldn’t tell me she didn’t like it but I knew. But what does one expect from someone who painted her living room in shades of grey. Mom used to say they didn’t even have accent colours it was ALL grey.
There was a great feeling of accomplishment in seeing the finished product. I felt so grown up. I have that same feeling now. At home the only space that was mine was my room. My apartment is all mine. The fun part is that I do get to share picturs on facebook so I get that feedback.
It was easier cleaning out the house on my own. When my neighbour and friends helped they would say you should keep that not realizing that I don’t have room to keep everything. My friend told me to keep my yearbooks but I never look at them so I got rid of them. My winter project will be to scan my baby pictures onto my computer so I don’t have to store the albums. My Dad told me I could have his and I have it in the closet. I may give it to my brother because he can use it to show his daughters where he came from. I don’t need the photos because I have the memories.


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