Discover Challenge…letters

I have boxes of letters in my closet in my office. Sympathy cards for each one of my family members. It’s a gift because this person is sharing their memories of them. A friend of Moms wrote how much she admired Mom, how strong she was. When Janet died I got a couple of cards from people I didn’t know well in high school but they all commented on Janets smile and laugh. There is something unique about seeing them through someone else’s eyes.
When I was cleaning Moms closet I came across a box of letters sent to her great aunt. They were interesting reading…pages and pages. But I didn’t keep them because they really didn’t mean anything to me.
As I have written before letter writing is a lost art form. The picture I have included is from a friend that lives in Australia. She drew this for my birthday last year. It’s so special because Mom and I did a balloon release at the last minute. My friend thought she was finished and at the last minute she drew a balloon. I can’t describe the feeling of going to the mailbox and finding a card from her. She always writes how proud my family would be. At times when I struggle to believe that I will pull the card out.
When I mailed the cancellation form for the house insurance I almost wrote my old address on the envelope. It’s habit. For years I would sit at the table writing Christmas cards and address the envelopes.
I also have many photo albums. I actually prefer digital now and I do print them off. film was so expensive and the cost to print was too. I can remember my Mom taking a picture of us just to use up the last of the roll of film.
My Grandmother sewed all of our clothes. I think there is only one fabric store left in the city…possibly two. It just isn’t worth it anymore. My twin crocheted. By the time she paid for the yarn and factored in her time it was an expensive gift. But for her and my grandma it was a labour of love.
Analog or digital…it’s likr comparing apples and oranges.


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