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After reading something that a friend posted on facebook I’m going to write on struggle.
I don’t get a newspaper anymore so often get news when someone posts a link on Facebook. I had seen that our Deputy Mayor was stepping down for personal reasons. I thought maybe she had a sick family member and didn’t think any more about it. Then yesterday it was announced that she was resigning and the Mayor is taking a leave of absence because they had an affair. The Mayor before this was a real sleaze and went to court because he paid for his sons reception out of public funds. Janet and I met the guy and immediately afterwards went to wash our hands. Despite the fact that I didn’t like him as a person I still voted for him for Mayor because he was an MP for years and worked well with others. He did a lot for his constituents.
I struggle with why people in authority do bad things. Our public school principal went to jail for child molestation. A teacher from high school was charged with child porn. My minister left the church and now considers himself atheist.
I don’t pretend to think that these people have to be perfect but they are in positions of power. Teachers are molding young minds. A minister is someone that we go to when we need emotional or spiritual guidance. Our mayor ran on family values. That he wasn’t like THAT guy.
I just don’t know. Kind of makes me glad Dad and Mom aren’t here to see it.


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