What happened to customer service?

This afternoon my friend and I went out shopping for drapes for my apartment. I couldn’t shop until I decided on furniture because it determined colour. We started at Home Outfitters but the colour just wasn’t right or the fabric was too heavy or too wide. But I bought some stuff for apartment. I picked up something that wasn’t in a box so the cashier sent someone back to find me another one. I don’t know what she was doing because eventually I had to get it myself. And of course I get the sell about getting a store credit card. My Mom had one and you never get off the mailing list.
Then we went off to The Bay. We had to hunt someone down just to ask if they sell drapes…which they don’t. We ended up in Walmart and found ones that I liked. I went up to pay and my friend told me I was in the self-serve lane. What? When did that happen? It’s no wonder I shop online! I believe if I’m going into a store im going to speak to a human being.
After we stopped for a much needed coffee break we ended up at my old neighbourhood drugstore. I found out from my friend that the pharmacist who was also the owner retired. Which explains a lot because the last few times I have been in there their customer service is none existent. And they pride themselves on customer service. They were incredibly helpful when Dad had cancer. The assistant pharmacist helped me with a sleep aid after Mom died. The sad thing is that because he retired they will probably lose business.
I have been to the Inn down the street from my house many times. There is a reasosn why I love it…they treat everyone special. It used to be only for “monied” people but now it’s more accessible to everyone.
Customers have a choice. Our dollars will be spent at establishments that appreciate our business.


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