CITY Daily Prompt

When my friend was driving me home on Wednesday she said “I like your neighbourhood. Even though you are downtown it’s still quiet.” At that point we passed Eldon House and she said “look at those flowers”. I did say that I have been so busy I haven’t even had time to enjoy the neighbourhood.
When we were young we took a Tour on a Double Decker bus downtown. It starts at city hall and goes around. I now live near all the tourist spots. The Art Gallery (or Museum London to use the proper term”) Harris Park, Labatt park which is where the baseball team plays. My friend is excited to go and visit Victoria Park and see the lights at Christmas when she comes.
In the summer there is something going on at Victoria Park every weekend. This weekend is Kids Expo according to my superintendent. Next weekend is Food Festival which I will probably check out.
Right now our city is debating our transportation system. Rapid Transit buses or light rail. Where I live now I can take any bus that goes downtown home. Because the #6 bus goes to the University there have been times when it’s so full it passes me. I learned what times NOT to take it. i think the new council has a vision for our city. They want it to be the best it can be.

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