When I was shopping for curtains I wanted red to match the colour of the fabric of sofa or to pick out a colour from the cushions. These drapes looked redder in the store but are actually different colours depending on the light. I do think the circles will look cool with the pattern in my quilt and I think it will pick up some of the colours too.
My Dad didn’t like panel curtains he had to have pleats in every room. Finding curtains that were big enough for a bay window in the dining room was a challenge for Mom. She ended up having to put a sheer in the middle because they weren’t wide enough.
It’s interesting decorating to my tastes which I realize is very different to my parents. It’s kind of a mix of modern and traditional. Origianlly I was going to go with a slimmer bookcase but the furniture store didn’t have a lot of selection. But I do like it. It fits perfectly in the room. My friend makes fun of my one lone chair. It’s a least another week until I get my couch. A sectional. My parents had the sofa with matching chair. My stuff doesn’t match but somehow it works.
I live in a beige apartment but I have accessorize with colour. At my house my parents had a blue room which is now kind of a camel brown. My sisters is peach. Office is white, bathroom is sky blue, and my room is yellow raincoat. Dining and living room are mint green, harvest gold for kitchen and hallway is wallpapered wine.
When I went to get fabric samples with my friend to buy curtains she sat in the sectional. “Hey gotta try it out!” Cant wait to have friends over to fill it up!



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