An emotional week

I have been dreaming about my Dad a lot lately because of Father’s Day and selling house. My friend told me it’s because he’s nearer. It’s hard because I feel like I let him down because I didnt keep up the house. But I also know that he would be so proud of me looking after Mom. Even when he had cancer he knew I was doing the best I could.
I don’t have plans for the week. It’s better just to wait until all the paperwork is done. I wish I could go to the cemetery to talm to them but I talk to them anyway. It’s going to be very hot tomorrow so I’m going to get groceries delivered and have him get me my flowers. I may go out for lunch on Wednesday but it depends on how I feel after. I might just want to be alone to process.
things have been kind of up in tha air. I had invited friends for dessert on Tuesday and she has ear infection. Another friend has car troubles so it wouldn’t be safe for her to travel on the highway at this time. Both feel really bad but that’s life.

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