The past few birthdays have been difficult. Turning 40 without my twin was hard. I was going to have a party but june is a busy month for people so no one could come. A friend and I ended up having a spa day. Last year my Mom was in Parkwood for rehabilitation. It was so weird being in the house alone. We did a balloon release and it was really special.
This year I am in a new place, my Mom is in heaven and my house will be sold. It’s a very strange day. I’m going to the house to have a final goodbye.
I got a lovery card from a special friend yesterday. It was so appropriate. I got an email from my Moms brother telling me about when we were born and when they came to visit the “little sparks”. Because of her kidney condition Drs told her she might not be able to have kids. I guess that makes us extra special. He shot off an entire role and said he proudly showed them to anyone who would listen. I have the album and was going to scan them but I’m having trouble installing.
After Dad died my Mom and I would go to the cemetery and put flowers on the grave. It was my way of honouring the fact that it is HER day too. We never told Dad we did it. I have yellow and red gerbera daisies on my dining room table.
Happy Birthday my bud. I love and miss you always

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