Today was a bittersweet day. Went to the house to do a final walk through. make sure there wasn’t anything I left. My neighbour came to pick me up at 11:30 and we went to take fabric samples back and then went to coffee shop for lunch. She has been such a help I couldn’t have done this without her.
When I got back to apartment checked for mail and found a card from her which she dropped off on Sunday and a card from my superintendents because they let her in. That is so sweet. They really do feel like family.
In the afternoon I had a much needed nap! Shower and change and I was ready to go out for dinner at 5 with my friends. We ended up going to my birthday place and sat out in the courtyard. It was lovely listening to the water in the fountain, watching the fish swim in the pond. We even had dessert and the waitress put a candle in mine.
I kind of wish I could have a birthday everyday. It’s a day where I am surrounded by love. I get tons of wishes on my facebook wall and emails. On days where I feel alone I can bottle this feeling.
All I can say is thank you.

2 thoughts on “Companions

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