In awe of myself

Yesterday after we signed the papers it is “over”. People that really understand know it’s not really over its just a chapter that is over. My superintendent said now your mind can settle, you no longer have the responsibilities. This morning is catch up day…doing laundry and tidying.
I am in awe that I cleaned out a 4 bedroom home completely on my own. I did most of the banking…not perfectly but I had help from financial planner. There were things that I learned as I went along. I have not come across anyone that has done this all on their own.
I found an apartment and moved. I had a lot of help from friends. I know that Mom helped because I was getting very frustrated looking and finding places that were quite expensive for the size of the apartment. I have mentioned how friendly the superintendents are. One place I went to they have a waiting list so they don’t have to treat you nicely because someone is waiting in the wings.
I am still standing. Last night I went to bed early because I was emotionally wiped. Very numb too.
I have got everything in preparation to go to conference. Transportation and hotel booked. Had alittle blip with membership but it was fixed. Can’t believe its so close. I had a to do list everyday for a long time…not anymore.


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