Market day

I have lived in my apartment since the first of April but this is the first weekend that I was able to go to the market. Some weekends I had free but it was either too hot or raining. I went early so I could get back before 10 because the elevator was in use for someone moving in. I didn’t buy as much as I thought I would so i could’ve taken the stairs.
I walked past Harris park and there was something going on there this morning. A school event I think. They hold an event there for Canada Day and I hope it’s not too hot to go.
The market is open 7 days a week but Thursday and Saturday they have outdoor market. I bought some strawberries. She even gave me one to try. There is nothing like the first taste of strawberries in the season. Plus it’s such a short season. Bought a caramelized onion tart for lunch. A loaf of crust bread as my Dad would call it and some meat (which I had to go inside for). Steak with lots of mushrooms, baked potato and strawberries for dessert is on the menu tonight. YUM
I loved the convenience of this neighbourhood!

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