The side door

The Story Behind a Door
Growing up we knew there was a difference between the side door and the front door. Side door was for everyday use and the front door was for company. Friends knew we used the side door. My friends daughter came for the first time with her at Christmas and she said “aren’t we going in the front door?” Her sister who had been before said “no, they don’t use it”.
Going to my Dads eldest sisters house it was thr same. If we all went for a family dinner we went in the front door but if it was just us we used the side. It’s less formal. But I was thinking the other night about this prompt and my two uncles only had the front door. My Dads youngest brother had a door from the garage but obviously he wouldn’t take guests through there. Unlike the rest of Dads siblings we didn’t have a separate living room and family room. I always prefer the family room or den. I felt like I had to sit straighter in the “parlour”.
When we were little there was a door separating the dining room and living room. I don’t know why and we got rid of it quickly. We had a sliding door separating the front hall from kitchen. There were many times where that came in handy hiding dirty pots and pans!
When we turned over our keys my brother asked why I didn’t have a key to the front door. I didn’t need one. If we used the front door I was always with Mom.
I’m getting used to the freedom of more doors open to me.


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