Last night I was watching a program on tvo called The Agenda. My Dad used to watch it. The segment was titled The Lost Art of Meals. They were talking about the socializing of eating, nutritional value etc. One woman on the panel is a dietician who works at Wellspring. She mentioned how we tend to ear slower if we are eating with somone else. I find that. I have to remind myself to slow down when I eat. The social aspect made me sad because I thought not everyone has someone to eat with and it reinforces the fact that we don’t.
The segment was only half an hour but there are so many facets to it. Convenience food. Cooking for one and for me shopping for one. This show is taped in Toronto and many people live downtown and don’t have a car. My neighbour has a shopping cart but I’ve realized that I almost have to go twice a week otherwise I can barely carry all my groceries in. I like going to the grocery store but I realize for the convenience it will probably be easier just to get a weekly shop by my grocery person.
When I went with my Mom she would drop me off to get a haircut (which I started with today) and she would go around and shop. I would be finished and help her load them in the car. Of course we would stop for a coffee and donut before heading home.


One thought on “Food

  1. I like to go shopping in the good weather. I live in the ‘burbs but have to run in a couple of times a week for fresh things. I always feel perkier after stopping in my local shop, I run into people and chitchat which is nice. Not so much fun in winter though. ~ Have a good day, Laurie

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