Tourist daily prompt

Two weeks tomorrow I will be heading to Detroit. I’m pretty well organized except for toiletries which need to be purchased. Make sure all my electronics are charged and bring charger for iPad.
A twin friend is coming to stay with me for a couple of days. Going to conference is emotionally draining (and I’m sure will be even more so for me) so we will just hang out the first day. I was hoping we would have time to do afternoon tea at Eldon House. We are going to go to the inn for dinner as I have told her a lot about it. I’m hoping someday she can stay longer and see the neighbourhoods that are important to me.
My city isn’t a touristy place but in the summer we have more visitors because of the festivals. My cousin went to home county folk festival. When a friend of mine got married she took her fiancé to the balloon festival.
A friend of mine from public school is coming home for Christmas. She is looking forward to going to Victoria Park to see the lights. She lives in Australia and misses the seasons. It will be different seeing it from her eyes. The excitement of seeing something you miss.
I will be hosting both of them. I will be their tour guide.


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