Life is short

Yesterday I got a link to an obituary of a young man from the church that I grew up in. He was the same age as my former neighbours daughter and they hung out a lot. It was hard for me because it is yet another family who has to bury their child. Ten years ago we had three young people die within months of each other, all suddenly.
We go through life thinking there will be time to do the things we want to do but not everyone gets that chance. We get “busy” but it really isn’t busyness it’s making different things a priority. I remember my cousin saying she barely saw her grandparents because her Dad would play golf on the weekends. When she had kids herself she told him how would you feel if that was you?
Back in my parents day you went to church and then visited family in the afternoon. Janet and I would go and visit my grandparents every Saturday. We would play cards or make cookies with grandma. In the summer mom would listen to the ballgame with them. Simple things but it’s about spending time together.
Because when someone dies you can’t get that time back. Spend time with friends. Take that trip you always wanted to. Buy things that make you happy. Tell people you love them everyday because you never know.


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