Our reliance on cars

Today I had to go to the lab to pick up something in preparation for Dr appointment in two weeks. The lab moved from downtown which would have been an easy walk to the north end of the city. It’s accessible by bus but because it’s a new building they are still working on the road…it’s just dirt. The lab is way in from the street and there are no signs to tell you where to go. I passed someone on their way out and she told me where it was. Thankfully my Dr office is accessible by bus. I’m the only person that takes the bus. Although many people come from out of town.
When I was going to buy furniture I had to go with my neighbour because you can only get there by car. To go to home furnishing place it’s the same.
I don’t like shopping by myself so I order stuff online. Plus I don’t have to leave my home.
In my previous neighbourhood we could walk to church, the drug store, the bank and the library. Where I am now there is a coffee shop across the street (and a Starbucks) two parks and lots of restaurants. I walked to the market today and shoppers drug mart.
People ask me why I don’t drive and it’s a long story. I do realize that it’s expensive to maintain a car. I enjoy people watching. On the bus coming home I saw an older couple holding hands and thought how sweet. Every time I notice something different, things you wouldn’t see in a car.
I do realize that in rural areas you need a car. There are areas of our city that aren’t serviced by a bus or if it is it isn’t convenient. We all have to do what is best for ourselves.


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