Honestly I don’t know why this is a forbidden word. I guess it depends on the context.
I remember in grade 4 selling things and we had to make change. Using money in practice. We would go to the candy store and Dad would give us money and tell us “now I expect change back!” We got an allowance and had to learn how to make our money stretch until the following week. My brother bought a Nintendo with his own money. All the other kids had their parents pay for it. My Moms brother said that was good he’s learning something. I saved up for a Barbie corvette. I kept it and now my niece has it.
I didn’t have a credit card until I was in my twenties. The woman at the bank told me even if I could pay cash that I should use it once in a while to build a credit score. I didn’t know that. And of course my parents always told me don’t buy anything on credit that you can’t afford to pay off at the end of the month.
What’s the forbidden part? We aren’t supposed to ask what someone makes. But honestly we all know. I know what teachers make, I knew what my brother made when he graduated. I knew what my Uncles house was worth…or the lot was worth. But that’s another thing we don’t really discuss. That was long before I could look up online.
As children we don’t want to think about our parents dying but we should all have the conversation. After my sister died I went and made out a will. I was 32 it’s not something I ever thought about but I knew I needed one. My cousin told me they should be looked at every five years or so. We learned this the hard way!
People at the bank treat you differently if you have money too. I told my friend that everyone should be treated the same. I know it’s naive but I think it’s just good customer service.
Money gave me the beautiful quilt hanging on my wall. It gave me this wonderful apartment. I’m thankful.


2 thoughts on “Money

  1. Yes, you are right. Money is an important aspect of life. Earning money, saving money by reducing and keeping a check on costs and expenses, investing and multiplying money are vital for financial growth. Yet, it is forbidden , many times to talk about it….many times ….!!!

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