Putting a lifetime into a box

For Posterity

It’s sad to think that is really what we are doing when we clean out a house after someone we love dies. As I have written before I am a sentimental person so there were so many things that I wanted to keep. I debated about Moms wedding dress. I’m hoping that I can pass it on to my nieces someday.
Growing up Janet would ask my Mom can I have that when you die? My Mom would answer I’m not finished with it. To think that my parents had three kids and I was left with everything.
When my Dads mother died they tried to divide everything up equally. We had items in our house that were his Moms. I learned from my Aunt that Dad’s younger brother didn’t want anything. He just wasn’t sentimental. My brother is the same way. Mom thought maybe we should have saved the chess set for him but knew he probably wouldn’t care. We used to joke that Rob would get the wooden elephant when Dad died so he could dust the thing. I ended up giving it to Goodwill because it was Dads and it was too big for an apartment. I gave Rob his baby bracelet. He just looked at it like what’s this? I believe that someday he will be glad he has it. I gave him Dads photo album. He should be able to show his children where he came from.
I have baby quilts that I don’t know who made but I know they were made with love. My grandmother made us each a quilt. One is going to my cousin. By the time he was born she didn’t do much hand sewing.
As a single person I often wonder who would want the things that mean something to me?

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