Anger or my dark side

This has been an up and down week for me. The good news that my couch is FINALLY coming tomorrow. I had been told by the end of June then probably not until the 17th and that is when I would have been away. Stuff with sale of house was finalized so we sent off an email to settle estate. Well one day turned into the next and yesterday both the financial planner and assistant were out of office.
I ended up going in this morning to sign paperwork. I met with someone who works for estate department. She starts off asking when mom died. I guess to be polite but she didn’t know her so why bother. Then she says “Are you all better now?”
This is not the first time I have heard this expression. And even now I don’t know what it means. GRIEF IS NOT A COLD! You don’t get better from it. A cold goes away, grief doesn’t. My Mom died 10 months ago I haven’t even begun to wade through my feelings.
I was talking to someone from Estate department yesterday to make appointment and he was very understanding. He spoke about how hard it is and took the time to listen when I said yeah it is. I Wrote about money yesterday. It’s complicated. It isn’t just money. My Dad provided for us and and my Mom then provided for me. So that I could have the life that I deserved. I struggle with that word.

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