Yesterdays word for the day was darkness. My day did not start off well but there were people that brought light into the day. My grocery person who makes me laugh every time she comes. She’s just so natural…literally as she was going bra less yesterday. She drove me to my bank appointment and said what are friends for.
My cousin who makes me laugh with her responses to difficult situations. She calls it like it is and I need that. Plus she always tells me she loves me and I love her too!
My superintendent who is just so friendly. Brightens my day.
My friend CB who is coming Saturday. We both could use a break and a hug.
My friend J who I talk to everyday by email.
My twin friends who I will see in six days. This is the thing that I have been able to hold on to in this trying time. I can’t describe the feeling but it’s hanging out with your friends for four days. It’s so much love you can’t even contain it. And too many hugs to count.


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