The week that was…

On Wednesday I had to go for bloodwork for a Dr appointment I will have two days after I come home. Even at 8AM it was already stinking hot. I have deep veins (inherited from my Mom who inherited from her Mom) so of course she had a hard time finding them and she suggested drinking two glasses of water two hours before I go. Wow, that’s a lot. Because I go to this Dr every six months I had to scratch out the old address on the requisition.
Thursday I had groceries delivered and I think she phoned about four times. It was really tight time wise because I had to go to bank. I am at the point where I don’t want to go to the bank for a LONG LONG time. And it was another hot day.
Friday I had to stay home because I was expecting furniture and something that my brother had to mail me for estate. Because Canada Post is on strike the other shipping company couldn’t guarntee next day delivery. I didn’t have time to go out on Monday. Couch was too big to fit in apartment so all in all a really frustrating disappointing day.
A friend of mine from our of town was coming on Saturday. Got a phone call at 9:45 and the Purolator guy was in the lobby. Sweet one thing went right. My friend arrives at 11AM and off we go to bank. Of course I ger behind people paying bills because of the mail strike. It is in the bank and I am done! Off we go to lunch. We ended up going to my usual place because I just needed a treat. A lovely lunch. We then went to Homeoutfitters which is an offshoot of TheBay. I had found a couch online and according to the flyer this week everything was 50% off. Even better. They had a red one as a floor model so I was able to sit in it. I was so pleased it seemed my luck was turning around. After paying for couch I went around the store and bought new towels, a pillow, and dinner plates. We then went on to Walmart as I had to get a tea kettle and I wasn’t going to spend forty dollars on something I would barely use. My friend is English and I only have a coffee maker…a keurig. Let’s just say I wouldn’t recommend shopping at Walmart on a Saturday. My friend lives in a small town and said even at Christmas it isn’t as packed as this. I found everything i wanted except for a floor lamp. I just couldn’t decide.
We went to sit in the food court and by this time I was exhausted so we ended up going to drive thru at Tim Hortons. Shop til you drop is not for me!! It was funny when I told my friend “my dogs are barking” she had never heard that expression.
I am starting to feel a little bit of stress about getting ready for my trip even though in my head I know I have everything I need. I’m going to make some spaghetti sauce to put in freezer.
I have been running around for the past ten months. I’m looking forward to being taken care of for four days. It will be bliss.


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