Furniture shopping

As I mentioned in a previous post the couch I ordered was too big to fit in the doorway to my apartment. Friday night I went online and did some searching. I remembered when I went to Homeoutfitters with a friend that they had furniture so I checked out the flyer. Janets favourite colour was red so I got a red couch. She will always be beside me. A friend of mine was coming to visit so we were able to go shopping.
The one I wanted was on display so we both sat in it. She said her husband wouldn’t like it because he likes to lounge. My former neighbour said the same thing when we went furniture shopping. We shop based on our needs. My parents always got the sofa with matching chair. I knew my friend didn’t like it because she thought it was too modern. Luckily I’m not swayed by what other people think. It made me realize that my apartment is decorated pretty modern. When we were sitting in the dining room she told me I should have some art on the wall. She told me she doesn’t have any spare wall space so she’s decorating mine. But it’s different in a house. I also realized that My place is very uncluttered…well except for bedroom at the moment. It’s a metaphor as my life was chaotic for a long time.
I think I had this imaginary deadline in my head that I had to have everything done before I went to conference. It didn’t happen but that’s life sometimes it doesn’t work out the way we plan.


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