Free time

What an interesting word for today. I wouldn’t say I’m carefree but as I write this I have no plans for the day. It’s weird to think that I am done all the business stuff, house is sold and furniture is purchased. I do have to go to bank eventually but there is no rush. I would like to get another chair for my place too but am going to wait until fall when it’s not 40 degrees outside.
I was talking to a twin friend about the fact that I don’t really know what free time feels like. He told me that I can now do whatever I want. He suggested taking some writing classes. Not at library like through a school or online courses which is a good idea.
i have time to read a book although I can’t even get a book out of the library as I haven’t updated my card since my Birthday which was a month ago. Add that to the list!
there is always something that needs doing.


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