Watching American politics

Having recently returned from a conference that is held in the states I didn’t discuss politics unless the other person brought it up. Since I live in Canada she asked if she could move here. The new President has to be able to work with other nations.
Why is there so much anger? I just don’t get it. Many years ago before I was old enough to vote people voted NDP because they were angry at the guy going to the polls too early. They thought oh he will never get in but he did.
Voting shouldn’t be an either or choice. Although there have been times when I haven’t really liked any of the candidates. But I always make sure I’m an informed voter. But whomever is elected represents me whether I voted for him or her or not.
Personally I don’t think politics should be entertainment. It was why Dad stopped watching question period in Ottawa. Grown men and women acting like children.
Being able to represent your country should be an honour. I wish everyone thought that way.


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