My Sanctuary

Growing up my Grandmothers sanctuary would be her sewing room. My grandfathers would be the living room because that’s where he headed off to when he decided “the girls” were talking too much. He just wanted to watch the baseball game in peace. They had a dinky black and white TV in that room though. Why didn’t they splurge and just get another TV..but I digress.
My Dads sanctuary would be his garden. That’s why when he died my Mom chose the hymn In The Garden. After he was finished his work for the day he would sit under the walnut tree or under the deck.
Janet and I sat on the deck and that was our peaceful spot. Of course our bedrooms were our sanctuary growing up because it was really our only private place in the house. Except for twice a year when my Dad put the screens or storm windows on and then we had to make sure our rooms were tidy. Although in later years he gave us fair warning.
As I’m writing this I realize that mom didn’t have a spot to call her own. My Dad was a restless sleeper so she couldn’t call that her sanctuary. He would get up in the middle of the night and watch a little TV go back to bed and put his cold feet on her legs. But after he died she missed all of those things.
I painted my bedroom a colour called yellow raincoat. It isn’t a calming colour but it reminds me of the colour of a sunset. There is something very calming about water. one of Janets favourite spots when we did a tour of California was Santa Barbara.
When I was looking for an apartment I knew that I had to find a place that felt right. Moving from a house to an apartment I wondered if it would feel like home but it does. I can vacuum my whole place in 20 minutes! Since the living room is long I have a place to put my Christmas tree. It was one thing that I wanted to keep because there are so many memories there.
I posted a photo my friend took at the Inn. A twin friend of mine said I looked so relaxed. The Inn is my sanctuary too. A place that is special.


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