If you have been following my posts the last little while you will know that I have had some “issues” (to put it mildly) with finding furniture. At first some stuff was on back order. Couch finally came but too big so had to be set back.
Furniture placement for a long narrow room was a challenge to begin with. Not to mention I wanted the couch to be red. Red is my twins favourite colour. She will always be beside me. A few weeks ago I found a red loveseat. It was half off which was even better. This morning I went out to BadBoy but they didn’t have what I wanted on the floor only online and I’m a type of person who has to try it out before I buy. The store where I purchased the couch was across the road so I went in and got my refund. I wandered around and found a chaise but the arm was on the wrong side because I wanted it on the left. Plus when I sat in it my legs were too long. She showed me one at the back and I like it. It is an ivory vinyl chaise with no arms.
After I paid I questioned whether vinyl would go with a fabric sofa? Why am I so worried about this? I have different coloured wood in my living room but somehow it goes. It’s about picking out things that I like. I’m going to take the pillows off the couch and put them on the chaise and then get accent pillows for couch.
My parents always got the sofa with matching chair. They had two end tables so my Aunt said it looks like a furniture showroom. My Mom didn’t like coffee tables so we never had one.
My furniture is all new except for TV stand and my Dads lazy boy. I still need a night stand or a small side table for my bedroom. I feel like it’s coming along though.
Rooms that are a reflection of me.


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