How far I’ve come

Two years ago today I wrote something for a friend of mine to give to her. I started three times before I decided on what I was going to write. In June my writing teacher gave us the assignment for homework to write about someone who inspires us so I wrote about my friend. I took the letters A to Z and described her with each letter. A was awesome…of course. B was beautiful. When I started it was hard because I wanted to do her justice but I was also scared of taking on a task as personal as this. When I read a little bit out to class my teacher said it was like nothing I had written before which was true. Of course I knew that my friend would like anything given from the heart.
Why does she inspire me? She’s artistic, smart, beautiful, funny, caring. She passionate in what she believes in. She’s adventurous which I am not. And yet she’s inspired by MY strength. She encourages me so much in my writing.
I realized this morning how far I have come in the past two years. I’ve learned what doesn’t work for me. I’ve become independent. I’m finding my own style with furnishing my place. And found a place on my own.
I’m proud of myself.

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