Yesterday was a busy day. First thing in the morning I always check emails and facebook. A friend of mine was having a garage sale and posted photos. She said if anyone saw something they liked to message her to let her know. I was looking through her photos thinking she might have something I could use as a nightstand and found this. I messaged her and she said it was still available. When I said I would have to arrange for someone to pick it up she offered to drop it off for me. It needs cleaning so if anyone knows how to clean the wood let me know!
About an hour later my new chaise arrived. It’s comfy if a little slippery. I’ll probably have to move it around a little when the couch comes.
It had called for rain yesterday but although it was cloudy it hadn’t rained and was quite pleasant temperature wise so I decided to walk down to the park for
Ribfest. Oh my goodness I could smell it as soon as I got a few feet from my apartment building. There was an article once in the paper that gave the advice to go to the one with the shortest line so that’s what I did. They are all award winning ribs. Janet and I went to Ribfest and chose Boss Hogs but they had the longest line this year. I took a plastic bag with me so that I could carry it back to my apartment. About half way home I looked up to the sky and said “see Dad I made it to Ribfest!” Every year he would ask if we were going. It was the last event in the city that Janet and I went to. I got a roll of film developed after she died and there she was eating her ribs. Even something as simple as ribs has a lot of memories for me. A few years ago I got pulled pork sandwiches after church for Mom and me.
No Drama, just a pleasant Saturday afternoon.


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