My twin is my muse. This blog is about my connection to her. This is my favourite picture of us. All of my Twinless friends seem to have a favourite picture. For many it’s the last picture they have together. I have more recent ones but this picture is just pure love, it’s so US.
I have made connections through this blog. It gives me great joy knowing that I am helping people through my writing. That I can give someone hope. My cousin has told me she has learned so much about Janet through reading my blog. She treasured my Moms Christmas letters.
Janet was the most stubborn one of the three kids. As I have mentioned before she was a slob. She would not put her clean clothes away but where them out of thr basket. I like things organized so it was the one thing we did fight about. I don’t like mating socks so she would gladly do that. It was fun doing it together though. She would not clean toilets but loved cutting the grass. She was also the messiest cook but I cleaned up after her so it was fine. She loved mystery and historical romance books…not for me! Her favourite author was Maeve Binchy. She collected mice ornaments so now I collect in honour of her. Her favourite colour was red which describes her because she was fiesty at times. She was the most loyal friend. Compassionate. She made a good nurse but not a good patient! Janet was the one who would get me to go for walks. The terrible thing was she would pick up steam as we were going up the hill. The first time I went for a walk by myself after she died I was still walking on the same side as when we walked together. I talked to her because she IS still walking beside me.
When she died I was lost because although we were two separate people we were ONE. We balanced each other out. To the outside world I’m a singleton but I’m not because I will always be Janets twin. This blog is about honouring our twinship and finding my voice.
I was told yesterday by the executive director of our organization that Janet would be proud. I HOPE SO.

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