In praise of real friends

Yesterday’s word prompt was crave. A couple things happened yesterday that made me think what I really crave is compassion. Maybe not even that…just a little understanding. I emailed my Moms church because I found out from my former neighbour that their directory is out. Mom got her picture for it. I don’t know where it is though. The person filling in replied that she didn’t know where the “leftover” photos are but would leave a note for secretary. She could have used “other” but leftover just left a sour taste in my mouth.
When my Mom died people from her church went up to my neighbour and asked what they could do. We are taught we go to the funeral to pay our respects, maybe we send a card but we don’t know what to do AFTER. Because that’s when the real work starts. It’s also when you find out who is strong enough to walk with you on this journey.
I have a friend who phoned often when Mom was in the hospital. She got in the car the day after she died so I wouldn’t be alone. She sends thinking of you cards at the anniversary.
I have a friend who lives in Australia who tells me how strong I am but at the same time she knows that I have been through hell. She values the fact that I have always been honest about this journey.
Real friends don’t tell you to “move on”. They give you the time to work through it. Real friends also don’t give advice. The show up at the door with a gift certificate to a spa or a large coffee from tims. They offer to get behind you if you need to punch someone and will give you bail money!
Real friends will sit and listen to the stories because that’s what love is.

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