Builders beige

Yesterday I was talking to my superintendent and she said I’ve lived here for four months. When I moved in I was going to paint but decided to just keep it as is and accessorize with colour. Which I certainly have with my quilt and red drapes in the living room and yellow drapes in the bedroom. And my green nightstand. Couch was supposed to be delivered yesterday but there is a delay. I can’t wait to show my apartment to my friend at Christmas. She has seen some pictures on facebook.
I have had many people ask if I like where I am living. I guess because I have lived in a house all my life. It’s usually people that live in a house and can’t imagine living in an apartment. It was an adjustment at first. I don’t miss having to lug the pail out to the curb. Or nosey neighbours. It’s funny that I consider it looking out for me when my supers do it. I’m going to miss raking the leaves. I find it a very calming exercise. I enjoyed doing it with Dad.
A friend of mine lives in Calgary and I guess it isn’t that warm there right now so a mutual friend commented and said she can have our heat and she would send her the A/C bill. One of the benefits of living in an apartment I pay a flat rate for hydro. Considering it’s going to be 30 degrees all week I’m pretty thankful for that!!
truthfully when I lived in a house I never felt like an apartment could be home but this is. It’s because it’s MY things. My style. I even had a house guest.
I’m choosing to paint over the grey. Somedays it peeks through and some days the yellow is as bright as the sun.


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