Are we rich?

Growing up we would be considered middle class. My Mom stayed home to look after three children and my Dad was a letter carrier. My Mom could have gone out to work after we went to school but my Dad was old fashioned and it was his job to provide for us. We didn’t have all the IN toys that all the other kids had and I remember being jealous of that. The piles of presents that all the other kids got. But as I got older I realized that it wasn’t about the stuff. That spending that much on one day is ridiculous.
My Dads eldest sister had a membership to the most exclusive golf club in the city. They even had a dress code where no jeans were allowed. We would go there with Dads siblings for our annual get together. But it wasn’t for me. We didn’t fit in there but she loved it. My Dads oldest brother had money also and liked to flaunt it. We used to go to Idlewyld for dinner at noon and Janet and I didn’t like it. It was so formal. Since they have changed ownership it’s much more accessible to everyone.
After Dad died I told Mom we’re rich and she said no weren’t not. So I told her we have money in the bank, food in the fridge, a fairly new car that was paid for we are rich. So then she thought about it and thought yeah maybe we are.
We live in a society where many people live a lifestyle that they can’t afford. I live in a very nice place and for many of my friends this would be considered luxury. For someone who had to share a bathroom with four people an ensuite is considered luxury.
Luxury for me is not money as it’s more about the security. Luxury is not having the responsibilities I used to have. It’s free time. The luxury to be able to say that doesn’t work for me.
It’s all about perspective. Although a private jet would be nice.

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