Customer service

This morning I went to get a prescription filled. I ended up changing it to Shoppers Drug Mart downtown because it’s within walking distance for me. Plus it’s open 7 days a week. All benefits but the real reason is that the customer service at my previous pharmacy has been lacking the last couple of years. They were really helpful for Mom but there were too many instances for myself with miscommunication to let slide. My friend still uses them because they know her history but she has had issues too.
The pharmacist was helpful and so friendly. A guy came up after me and said he loves it there.
Afterwards I walked to the Bell store to get a new phone. I have a very basic one with another company but there are so many places that you can just use an app anymore. Taking the train is all electronic now. The sales people were so helpful. The guy made sure I got the right one for my needs and showed me how to use it.
The other day I was having issues with the On Demand feature on my tv. I phoned and got right through without being put on hold. The guy did it all remotely.
In this day and age customer service is huge. People bash the big companies but I’ve never had a problem with either. I get groceries delivered and they are really good phoning if they don’t have what I wanted and offering something else.
My Mom went to Metro. People would say it’s expensive but Mom didn’t mind paying a little more to get good service. Neither of us like bagging our own groceries. A couple of cashiers even went to Janets funeral.
I don’t have a favourite coffee shop anymore. I miss the vibe of Red Roaster in Wortley Village or going to the one in the library. I’ll have to get patio furniture so I can sit outside.
A journal and an iced coffee. Sounds great.


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