I’ll think about it

When we were kids we learned quickly which parent we could work into giving us a yes. Dads line was “I’ll think about it” which might mean yes or it might mean no. It really depended on his mood. Moms line was “we’ll see” which also meant MAYBE but she was more likely to be able to be persuaded into a yes. If it involved money we had to plead our case hard to Dad. My
Dad was stubborn and if he avoided giving you an answer it usually meant no. My Aunt tried to persuade him to do something one time and the harder she tried the more he dug in his heals.
When I got older I began to say yes to things that I didn’t really want to do. Nowadays it’s more likely I will say no than say yes to something.
Maybes are for little things. Maybe I’ll go to the mall tomorrow. Maybe I’ll go see a movie. Maybe things will change. i don’t beleve in placing hope on a maybe.

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