I met my cousin for coffee this morning…well iced cuz it’s really hot today. I shared the story of when Dad was with TD Waterhouse and he phoned ar 4AM. It was 24hr service and my Dad would be up in the middle of night because he was used to getting up to go to work early. Let me tell you sound carries in a quiet house and my Dad was a loud talker when he got on the phone. So in the morning we tell him you couldn’t wait until a reasonable hour to phone? Oh and he ALWAYS asked where the person was from. And how’s the weather in… At the time it was annoying but now it makes me smile.
A friend of mine posted that her Mom sent her a message at 3:30AM and put hashtag I’m 41. My cousin used to do it all the time with her Mom on facebook. It makes me smile because it’s what Moms too. They love us but sometimes they annoy us too.
When Janet and I were in college we forgot our lunch at home. We were in the same class. So Mom brought it out to us. Even though I’m sure we had money to buy. Of course our teacher yells out girls your Mom is here. Forget our lunch did we?
My cousin said they were good people and they were.

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