Not savvy just comfortable

Technology changes so fast. I didn’t even have internet at home until after my Dad died 7 years ago. We only had one phone jack in the house which was in the kitchen. Wireless internet allowed me to have access anywhere in the house. I purchased an iPad which is great to use when travelling. I don’t have Apps and I don’t know how to use FaceTime although I’m sure I could figure it out. The only downside is remembering all the passwords.
The other day I got my first smart phone. I don’t use my phone to call out unless to call a cab or the odd time I might need to phone a friend if I’m running late or in case of emergency. I do use it to text. The cool thing is I can add a photo to my contact person. My grocery guy must have a similar phone as he said he uses connecting the dots as his password. And he has the old spice jingle as his ringtone. The phone came with a very small guide book but it pretty useless. The sales guy told me to just play around with it and if I had questions just come into store. I’m terrible for forgetting points cards at home so I’ll probably download the app for stores like shoppers and for air miles.
Some people are on their phones all the time. It was one thing that I noticed when I went to conference. I have one for emergencies and truthfully I don’t really need a smart phone but was tired of doing pay as you go.
Technology allows me to be in contact with friends overseas. I email my grocery list. I sent an article for the twins newsletter. I can order clothes online. I can research stuff. I can write my blog.
Technology will never replace face to face contact or a hug.

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