Can you reach that?

My Mom was 5’5 so to reach things in the upper cabinets in the kitchen she needed a small step ladder. By the time we were 14 we had passed all the women in our family in height. My Dad was the shortest at 5’9. Until we were about 17 Janet was always taller than me by about half and inch and then one day I squeaked past her.
Obviously because we were taller than Mom she didn’t need a step ladder anymore she had us. Although we would often find her in the kitchen straining to get it herself with whatever tool she could use to reach it. Did I mention she was stubborn? All that would do was result in pushing the item further back in the cupboard and then she would ask for help.
When we were little she put the cereal in a cupboard above the fridge so it was out of reach of little hands. She joked how it stayed in that spot forever. In my apartment I also have the cereal in the same space. Habit I guess.
Writing this blog is like reaching back in the store of memories and sharing it with all of you. I realized when I was talking to my cousin the other day that it doesn’t hurt like it did after Janet died. The memories make me smile.


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