Things that are complicated

Things that are complicated
1. Grief. A lot of people think grief goes along in the five stages but it doesn’t. It doesn’t even go along in a straight line. Grief is made more complicated by the way in which the person died, our relationship to them and how we handle our grief afterwards.
2. Family…ok mine is. I have two really supportive family members but that’s only because they acknowledge their feelings. They know I miss my family.
3. Carrying on as a twin while maintaining my own identity. Something a fellow twin and I talked about at conference.
4. Money…at least for me. It’s the emotional attachment to it but I’m working on it. Estates are complicated too.
5. Furniture shopping. Obviously not for everyone but apparently for me it is!
6. Friendships. I have a friend that I have written about often here and our relationship isn’t complicated. I have one friend that Janet and I went for coffee with and I still do. She knows that September will always suck. She’s never told me to get over it or move on. Friendships are more complicated now because I’m less trusting. I’ve been hurt by people who I thought were my friend but couldn’t support me when times got tough.
7. Making a plan for September. I want to do something to honour Janet but I don’t know what yet.


2 thoughts on “Things that are complicated

  1. Great writing my love. Whoever made up the so called stages of grieving should be shot…….it’s so misleading….. Love sue

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