Confused by fashion rules

Growing up I had a grandmother we believed in the rules. Don’t wear white after labour day, always wear pantyhose even in the summer and change out your purse in the summer.
Nowadays I don’t follow any of these rules. I used to change out my purse in the summer but now I can’t be bothered transferring all my stuff. I wear white pants after labour day and have been known to wear them in the winter if there is nothing else clean! Although that’s just around home.
Who came up with these rules? Don’t wear socks with sandals…although that’s a good one. I don’t wear shorts but it’s just a personal thing. I just think capris look a little bit fancier. I also don’t wear tanks because I don’t like my flabby arms but I would never tell someone she shouldn’t. There are some old men that take off their shirt to mow the lawn and that’s just all kinds of gross.
In the church I grew up in the one minister would wear his robe even in the summer. Some of us would be dripping in sweat (yeah some women glow I sweat!) and he would be cool as a cucumber. I wish I was like that! But it’s not a rule because most ministers just wear a short sleeved shirt with collar in the summer.
Women used to dress up to go to church but we don’t anymore. It’s very rare that I see someone in a dress.
Growing up my Dad wouldn’t wear jeans because those were farm clothes. I didn’t start wearing jeans until I was in my twenties. He did have the rule that jeans were not to be worn to church or out to dinner even black jeans.
There should be a rule about what women wear in TV. I was watching Americas Got Talent one night and Mel B was just about popping out of her top. It’s a family show!
The rule that I live by because I was taught by my grandma, mother and father is to have respect for myself. And that includes attire.


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