Things I carry in my purse

The Poetry of List-Making
I “discovered” a way to link the discover challenge and daily prompt for today.
My purse is black and has many compartments.
1. Bus tickets
2. A bank statement. Eventually I need to get my library card renewed and since I don’t drive this is proof of address.
3. Kleenex. I buy the little packages. My friend makes fun that I’m always prepared in case of an emergency.
4. Hand sanitizer.
5. Sun glasses. I’ve started getting into the habit.
6. Keys. Living at home when I went out I didn’t always carry keys because mom was there but now I have to all the time.
7. Wallet. I’m terrible for misplacing my points cards so I have to put them back immediately after using.
8. Tic Tacs.
9. Cellphone. See number five! Now that I’m on my own I take it with me all the time. And I’m getting better at remembering to charge it.
10. Receipts. I’m pretty sure I have some old ones in the bottom of the purse
11. A pen. I don’t always have paper but in that case I can always use the back of a receipt
12. Lipstick. Mom wouldn’t leave the house without lipstick on but most of the time I don’t put it on except if I’m going out to dinner.
13. Change. I rarely pay with cash but if I do I throw thr change in the bottom of my purse.
Occasionally I have a granola bar in there too.

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