Feels like home

Tuesday my couch was finally delivered. I posted the photo on Facebook and was surprised how many people commented. I think because it’s red it’s such a bold colour. I was worried the chair wouldn’t go but it does beautifully. When I moved in I only had one chair…a lazyboy. It looked so empty. Now the wall is full. My super even phoned in the evening to make sure I got my couch ok. they are so sweet they really take care of me.
Yesterday I finally got my library card renewed. It’s supposed to be done before birthday so I’m almost two months late. The closest library to me is under going renovations but I have an e-reader so I can still get books out. Last night I sat in my chair and read a book titled The Bridge Ladies. It’s really cute. Makes me think of my Aunt who goes out every Wednesday to play bridge. She’s trying to persuade me to learn. I SUCK at playing cards. I’d rather play scrabble.
My Uncle goes to the library once a week so he said he would be lost without his library card. My Mom would go to the library fairly regularly too so I never had a problem updating it before. I was so busy with the house I just forgot. But I can’t sign up for writing class without my card. Yet another place I had to change my address.
Of course when I came back I stopped for coffee. I just love how convenient this neighbourhood is.


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