Yesterday I got the final bill for Union Gas. Not sure why it’s almost two months late but it’s probably due to billing cycle as house was sold the end of June. Moms bills are automatically withdrawn from account so I had to phone to ask if this was outstanding. It’s automated but based on old address and I’m phoning from a different number. I get through to an agent who helps me. For security reasons I have to give my name and relationship. It’s hard because as soon as this is all over her name is no longer on a piece of paper.
August 23 would be my parents 47th wedding anniversary. They were a few weeks shy of 40 years. They didn’t celebrate their anniversary but Dad knew when it was.
I got a book out of thr library yesterday on my ereader. It gives the date when it’s due. In 14 days it will be September 1. As I’ve said before grief doesn’t go in a straight line. I miss them.

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