Youth is relative

This year I turned 42. I remember that Janet and I both found 30 hard. I think because by thirty you should have a sense of who you are or so we thought. It just felt more adult that 20 something. Now that I’m in my fourties I’m coming into my own more. It’s based on life experiences. I’m idependent now. Although I see women on TV who say the same thing. They feel they’ve come into their own.
I wrote that youth is relative because my neighbour has a son that is the same age as me. So for her I will always be a kid. My Moms friend from church who is 95 actually calls me a kid. She’ll say I know you are not but I have grandchildren older than you. But I’m sure my friends kids would think I was old. I know my brother thought my Dad was soo old but he was only one year older than I am now when my brother was born. Again it’s all relative because at that time people were having kids at 25. My moms friends were on their second kids by the time she got married at 26.
The fall after my Dad died I had to go and rake leaves. I invited a friend over to jump in the leaves with me. She asked if I was serious. I took my camera out and we got a whole bunch of silly pictures. When I posted them in Facebook people couldn’t get over doing that. But why can’t we run through the sprinklers, eat dessert first. Life is full of responsibilities. Fill it with fun.


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